Allan Veloso Filadelfo

Allan Veloso Filadelfo

Allan Veloso Filadelfo
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O-͆O Harley Logo Ѿ

Harley-Davidson is one of the most iconic brands in the world. Each bike has their own design and even the engine sound is part of the brand.

Angel wings, for when Florian becomes further infused with the Æther's power.

Aasimar or angel paladin or knight. RPG character inspiration - would work for Wrath of the Righteous (Pathfinder) Armored warrior Angel in the war - Lee Kent

Dragons, Orcs, And Geeks

Commission: Malin Akerlind by tjota female fighter ranger rogue assassin thief city armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc

aasimar paladin - Pesquisa Google

Estrega, Ovambrian Elven Paladin of Edthgow, claims her Holy Sword. Last seen leaving Alegrae on Dromond Blacktyde's ship, heading for Vesh and a confrontation with the Niadim.