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Allan Vitoriano
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Joker EMPIRE Textless by MessyPandas

Jared Leto as The Joker on he cover of Empire Magazine's September 2016 issue.HD Wallpaper and background photos of Joker on the cover of Empire Magazine - September 2016 for fans of Suicide Squad images.

‘Esquadrão Suicida’, na trama, uma agência secreta do governo chamada ARGUS cria uma equipe paramilitar..

'Suicide Squad' Releases First Posters Ahead of New Trailer!: Photo The first set of Suicide Squad posters have just arrived ahead of the film's new trailer, debuting this Tuesday! The character posters feature villains The Joker,…


Kakashi & Obito OK to be entirely honest I did karate and taekwondo and that's how I used to fight a school with my friends who did it with me and I still fight like that today even though I graduated a while ago

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Jiraiya,Tsunade,Orochimaru - Naruto,Anime I´m just sorry that jiraya never had the chance of seeing orochimaru coming back to the god side

Itachi Uchiha - This is a bit of a gruesome image, but it depicts just how hard Itachi's choices were for the sake of his clan, the village, and Sasuke.

An image of Itachi Uchiha carving the Uchiha crest in his back. The bloody image never happened in the anime series, but shows the dark nature of Itachi.