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"Young fiddler With tunes in his head And fingers like a spider Weaving songs; His bow spinning Webs of music For my reeling toes To jig in Music's breeze." I play the violin and I love to play it. Now I play violin for 4 years!

Elizabeth Bishop - poeta americana; biografia; obra publicada no brasil; poemas (edição bilíngue em tradução paulo henriques britto, nelson ascher, manuel bandeira); alguns poemas de poetas brasileiros traduzidos por bishop; fortuna crítica e outras fontes e referências de pesquisa. bishop no brasil, imagens e fotos; filme flores raras de bruno barreto; cartas em manuscrito portinari e bishop.

"Close, close all night/ the lovers keep./ They turn together/ in their sleep,/ Close as two pages/ in a book/ that read each other/ in the dark./ Each knows all/ the other knows,/ learned by heart/ from head to toes.