Alloise Kiefer

Alloise Kiefer

Stairway to heaven / Apenas outra amante de digital portrait...
Alloise Kiefer
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Roman Does Art — “I saw, or fancied I saw, the room and its.


Kemi Mai is the artist behind this beautiful collection of digital portrait art. She is a self-taught artist and paints freehand digitally, the software Ke

Kemi Mai | People of Print

Self taught artist, Kemi Mai works from the UK producing digital paintings. Using Photoshop and a tablet Kemi Mai creates beautifully simplistic portraits with real paint like qualities to them.

Natalie Shau

A selection of illustration, including the project "Ghostly winds", by Natalie Shau, an artist / photographer / illustrator based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

#cute #anime

Tags: "animal" "book" "brown eyes" "brown hair" "cake" "crossover" "dress" "flower" "long hair" "ponytail" "smile" "sweets" "tree" Source: "Alice in Wonderland" Artist: "Fuzi Choko"