Free Pattern for an 18

4 of 5 *If you plan to add the embroidery complete it before cutting out the pattern. Pickled Okra by Charlie: Free Pattern for an American Girl Doll Reversible Dress

DIY - Blue Jean Whale -- I've pinned before but these are so cute I can't believe they're not top of the list, must make!

The cutest DIY whale stuffed animal made from old jeans! -- 6 cool things you can make from old jeans

Beaded pendant.

Beaded necklaces by Kay Bonitz Note the clever use of ' not peyote' that term is only in ceremony! Correct term is gourd stitch as a base!

Dolls Tryapiensy.  Pattern


I've been thinking about making a doll, I've attempted it in the past but never fully committed. Leave in the comments what materials I should use, and what kind of doll I should make.

so adorable… not ugly at all :) might have to make a little man version.

Комбинезон + выкройка куклы Автор: Светлана Лемеш


Комбинезон + выкройка куклы Автор: Светлана Лемеш

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