Bonbonnière "sac à main"

Made this & used it to gift money to someone.- Purse shaped box template - in Russian

Quilting Patchwork Bag Tutorial DIY step-by-step. Сумка пэчворк, инструкция по шитью ~

quilting patchwork bag tutorial diy step by step sumka pechvork instrukciya po shityu httpwwwhandmad

Вы можете самостоятельно сшить спортивный модный молодёжный рюкзчок из джинсовой ткани

Pattern for what seems to be a cute drawstring bag. OP looks Russian, but the diagram seems straightforward.

Crochet pattern for flower tote. Practice tapestry by ChabeGS

Crochet pattern for flower tote. Practice tapestry crochet to form a drawing. Charts with symbols, written instructions and images by ChabeGS on Etsy

jeans e corda

) Russian website, go there for photo of the front. Clever use of rope handles and matching embroidery.

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