Concrete Block by SW Walsh. Love these old mid-century concrete screen blocks. Reminds me of old Palm Springs.

Blairgowrie Back Beach / Wolveridge Architects

Gallery of Blairgowrie Back Beach / Wolveridge Architects - 3


Vénézuela 1957 (Magmum photos) black and white photo of building balconies by German photographer Herbert List

perforated metal screens

Vertical elements in CorTen weathering steel. Eastside Park in Birmingham, designed by architect Patel Taylor with French landscape architect Allain Provost,

B+B House / Studio MK27+ Galeria Arquitetos

Gallery of B+B House / Studio MK27 - Marcio Kogan + Renata Furlanetto + Galeria Arquitetos - 20

Image 20 of 58 from gallery of B+B House / Studio - Marcio Kogan + Renata Furlanetto + Galeria Arquitetos. Photograph by Fernando Guerra

celosias cool

Great for outdoor privacy or design and inside as a room divider.

Parede de cobogó


Interior Qing Shui Wan Spa Hotel Gate With Interior Design For Bathroom Ideas Amazing Lighting By Nota Design International Elegant Interior Spa House Designing

Galeria de Restaurante "Disfrutar" / El Equipo Creativo - 1

Galeria de Restaurante "Disfrutar" / El Equipo Creativo - 1

Built by El Equipo Creativo in Barcelona, Spain with date Images by Adrià Goula . The design project begins its journey from several starting points: On one hand local, singular and risky both in it.

Residência Cocoon, Vietnã / Landmak Architecture

Galeria de Residência Cocoon / Landmak Architecture - 13

Image 13 of 34 from gallery of Cocoon House / Landmak Architecture. Photograph by Trieu Chien

Residência CA — Jacobsen Arquitetura

Residência CA

Cobogó House by Marcio Kogan

Casa Cobogó - Selected for Leaf award 2012 - short list [ENG] [POR] [ENG] - The light of the abundant tropical Sun falls on the white volume of the top floor of the house, penetrating the holes of the hollowed elements and covering the floor of the.

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