Grande Alfredo!! Hoy ha recibido un merecido homenaje en el Santiago Bernabeu!! :)
Segunda entrega de camisetas retro de clubes sudamericanos | @crvascodagama
1978 World Cup Argentina
Borussia Dortmund
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Beautiful game theory : how soccer can help economics / Ignacio Palacios-Huerta
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Five books your high school graduate should read includes Economics in One Lesson. It is a powerful thing to enter the adult world having a basic understanding of economics, because no statist politician or college professor can put one over on you. This short book gives you that gift in easy to understand story form and arms the youngster in your life intellectually against much of the flawed thinking in our confused and complicated world.
John Forbes Nash Kimdir?
The Caro-Kann: Modern Times -
Maradona Minimalist Poster
Notice what he's doing (how he kicks the ball)?
For full text article go to : This article on Macro vs Micro Economics attempts to analyze the differences between the two most important branches of Economics viz. Macro and Microeconomics and helps understand various economic issues and its effects on investors.
As an overview, quick guide, or tool for review, this infographic covers the essentials in a visually appealing, easy-to-understand format that is certain to facilitate discussion and reinforce learning.
Economics in Action: 14 Greatest Hits for Teaching High School Economics by Jane S. Lopus. $21.86. Publication: January 1, 2003. Publisher: National Council of Teachers of English (January 1, 2003). Save 27%!
The economic impact of dropping out of high school on students and the economy.