Tigre Branco.

White Tiger ~ White tigers are Bengal tigers, and they are one of 4 different color variations: orange, white, cinnamon, and snow white.

[Fanart] - "Amigo é coisa pra se guardar do lado esquerdo do peito" ♪ #Friends…

Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Artwork SR Geek Picks: C vs. Robocop, Mean Girls + TMNT, Game of Thrones Deaths & More - I like Groot!

Linha diagonal

What cw's The Flash Character are you

The flash with a helmet- makes sense. But seriously, this helmet with wings on a winged suit, again, would be cool.


Wallpapers Pokémon: Presos na tela!


Wallpapers Pokémon: Presos na tela!