Alzemir Francisco

Alzemir Francisco

Alzemir Francisco
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Outdoor games/Picnic Family Field Games for of July breakfast - Storefront Life Gurksnis The toss game could be doable if you stand in a yoga pose

decoraçao festa hoolywood

Hosting a movie party or family movie night? Turn a regular ol' Netflix night into a fun, star-studded affair. How adorable is this diy red carpet with the kid's names as Hollywood stars.

Jogo de boliche com garrafa pet é sustentável, mas muito divertido (Foto:

Plastic Bottle Bowling Set Save money and save the planet by recycling plastic bottles into a colorful homemade bowling set for your kids. Instructions for making Plastic Bottle Bowling Set

Dicas de brincadeiras para se fazer fora de casa

Hang coffee cans (or dollar store buckets) from tree at different levels, paint scores of 20 on lowest, 40 on next, then 100 on highest. Use small, handheld dry erase or chalkboards for scorekeeping.