The Vampire Diaries ..Umas das melhores serie... na minha opinião

The Vampire Diaries Cast - Comic Con Besides the fact that I don't like Kat Graham really. OH i miss bonnie on TVD

How I Met Your Mother- It is a yellow umbrella for the mother though

How I Met Your Mother. But it should be a yellow umbrella for the mother, though.

How I Met Your Mother- I don't watch this show but I'm really curious as to why there is a French horn

My favourite thing about HIMYM are the inside jokes. The ones only a true fan would understand, the blue french horn, the yellow umbrella, the ducky tie!

Onde está o meu homem com guarda-chuva amarelo ??? por favor, venha rápido

Where is my man with yellow umbrella?please come fast n live happy life with lonely.

The Mentalist... Red John is watching you!

The Mentalist - Patrick Jane, Teresa Lisbon, Wayne Rigsby, Grace Van Pelt and Kimball Cho

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