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the cover art for seize studio's album, with stars in the background
the logo for maranata, an italian restaurant that is located in new york city
The heart and cry of “Maranatha” was what first marked our hearts in this journey of catching the Father’s heart for Israel. It’s an Aramaic word that can be read “maran atha” (our Lord has come) or “marana tha” (our Lord- come!). The second division can also be interpreted as, “Our Lord is coming!”
a person holding a tennis racquet on top of a tennis court with the word jesus written in cursive writing
O criador das estrelas preferiu morrer por você, a viver sem você
the word el vie written in cursive writing on a white background with black ink
Jesus vive 🙏🏾
the word abra written in cursive writing on a brown background
Canção Laura Souguelles (Abba ) #canção #gospel #Jesus #espiritodedeus #filhos #pais #paternidade #deus #igreja #wallpaper #teladecelular #tela #worship #vida #trecho
the word aba is written in black and white
Tatuagem Aba
a person is typing on a piece of paper with the word, soft deo gloria