Projeto faz com que arquiteto more em casa. Pequena e iluminada #house #arquitetura #qualidade

Sobrado pequeno, mas cheio de luz, com gramado na cobertura

KSK luxury// Stelio's Karalis// The new Luxury concept: expensive cars, expensive stuff and small minimalist house.//Projeto faz com que arquiteto more em casa. Pequena e iluminada

H3 House,© Daniela Mac Adden More

Gallery of H3 House / Luciano Kruk - 5

Buenos Aires-based architect Luciano Kruk’s latest is a brutalist-inspired summer retreat located in the woods of coastal resort town Mar Azul called Casa whose cubic volumes appear stacked on top of one another.

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The Projector House is on a small lot with of lakeside waterfront and majestic mountain views beyond. CULTiVation Design was tasked to design the Projector House to isolate.

EDIFÍCIO 1232 - Arquea Arquitetos . Escritório de Arquitetura Curitiba PR

Adding a sharp angle with a lengthened side could deal with overlooking issues on the potential balcony EDIFÍCIO 1232 - Arquea Arquitetos .

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Modern Exterior :: Landscaping - CasaBlanca by Ricardo Agraz, via Behance / Juan Hernandez Luna Architecture

Galeria - Casa CA / SuperLimão Studio - 1

Galeria de Casa CA / SuperLimão Studio - 1

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Contemporary house in Sao Paulo built in a lot of only 5 x 30 m by Marina Mange Grinover and Sergio Kipnis

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Container House - my bedroom deck Shipping container homes utilize the leftover steel boxes used in oversea transportation. Check out the best design ideas here. Who Else Wants Simple Step-By-Step Plans To Design And Build A Container Home From Scratch?

Casa pequena de jovem solteira ganha fluidez com luz natural (Foto: Maíra Acayaba/Divulgação)

Casa pequena de jovem solteira ganha fluidez e luz natural