akatsuki (naruto) black hair blonde hair blood blue hair blue skin dark skin deidara earrings everyone facial mark flower green hair grey hair hair flower hair ornament hidan highres hoshigaki kisame jewelry kakuzu konan labret piercing lip pi

Tem um significado  quem é fã entende

I really like the symbolism they chose for Sakura. While Sasuke and Naruto's are sad, Sakura's speaks of change and growth. I think that that moment was when Sakura truly began to become strong.


Such a dramatically beautiful picture of Tobi.People keep on telling me to call him Obito, but I had already guessed who he was when I first saw him. So if he is wearing the mask, he is Tobi. End of discussion.


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Sasuke and his daughter, Sarada.  It's almost like he's saying sorry for being gone for most of her life. #naruto

panda-capuccino: After a long time without even touching my tablet, here is something I needed to do. All this angst is killing me, but have faith, buddies. Have faith in sasusaku. Hope you like it, babes.

The Art Of Animation

Naruto, he did it. *sobs* I've always believed in you, Uzumaki Naruto! You've fulfilled your dreams! *smiles with rivers running down cheeks*

Vai lá Sakuraaaa! U.u

baasama:i don’t need a week to celebrate sakura because i do it everyday. but here’s a fanart.