flor de aplicação em feltro

Another Great Felt Flower DIY. Varying Styles, Shapes and Fabrics Creates A Very Cool Effect!

Siga o passo a passo e Faça Você Mesmo uma flor de feltro, bem simples e prática, mas linda!

Flor de feltro passo a passo

fazer flores

maybe do 3 flowers vertical in the frame. fabric flowers- the wording is funny, but I can get the idea of what they're doing from the pictures.

Estou viva, apesar do sumiço! (via Bloglovin.com )

Estou viva, apesar do sumiço! (Fofuras de feltro...)

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Flowers in the hair, how girly! You can increase your eostrogen levels too by making these jewel encrusted fabric flowers in minutes and glue to a headband for the latest look (see Fashion Designers below).

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