Built in Corner coffee / wine bar

Built in Corner coffee / wine bar


Great window seat for reading! The built in book shelf is a plus too! ***need a window seat in the new place!

dessas imagens, eu reuni várias delas aqui — com estilos variados e diversos modelos de mesa. Da maior à mais estreitinha, da redonda de mad...

Black and white living room

Fuck Yeah Interior Designs

If you've been noticing a trend of steel windows and doors showing up in some of your favorite images, you're not alone

rose colored boy

the devil wears zara

Build me a home

Efficiently compartmentalized to have all the attributes of a home yet still decentralized such that no one part of the house is the focal point, this home is the epitome of contemporary designing.


eccellent: “familur: “inhaels: “ noveia: “ “You’re so afraid of losing the people that you love that you push them away. That’s why you’ll always be an orphan. You don’t need some villain sweeping in to destroy your happiness.

Georgiana Design

Anything Blue Friday - Week 116 - The Dedicated House

Georgiana Design

The Tuscaloosa Residence by Tim Barber Ltd. A classical Tennessee Farmhouse in the San Francisco suburbs.

With love and light

open shelves integrated I love this kitchen! White cabinets with copper/rose gold hardware - yes. White subway tile backsplash - yes. Open shelving - yes!

Gravity Home

Visual stimulation and spiritual inspiration

Delta Breezes...

is out for our hearts today!

l'appel du vide

living in a piece of ever after

Georgiana Design

Jason Urrutia & Martha Carvalho, Urrutia Design, Sausalito, CA.

Young Hearts Run Free

This elegantly modern Brooklyn home has stunning wallpaper accent walls at every turn.

lonely for you only

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