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a plate with cucumbers, tomatoes and other veggies arranged on it
Veggie Tray with Pepper Blossom
Something different besides the usual celery and carrot veggie tray for a party. This was for a baby shower themed "Baby in Bloom". This tray is easy to do, but looks impressive for your guests.
Rose di salame: l'idea per un antipasto sorprendente pronto in 1 minuto
Ideali per un aperitivo che lascerà tutti a bocca aperta! Avrai bisogno solo di un bicchiere e circa 16/20 fette di salame 😍
a christmas tree made out of veggies and meats on a stick with a cherry
40 of the Best Christmas Appetizers
a christmas tree made out of grapes, apples and kiwis on a tray
50+ Easy Make-Ahead Christmas Appetizers and Finger Foods