Vader poster

Cartazes promovendo a exposição "Star Wars Identities"

And yet another Star Wars post, this time around it is a whole exhibition dedicated to the Star Wars franchise and its fans. Star Wars Identities is an exhibition that will be held at Montreal, Can.

Road to Greatness, 2016

The Road to Greatness tour is back for bringing the latest and greatest in PlayStation gaming to festivals and conventions across the United States by way of a badass truck that unfolds like a Transformer.

iPhone or Android Marble background wallpaper selected by

oooh i like the percentage of vein movement to white space in this with some of the yummy warm gold in about of it

Quotes by the always vexing Harley Quinn in time for the Suicide Squad premiere!

Harley Quinn suicide squad quotas and pictures or pics whatever you call them you can also say photos but that old language ya know lol.

[Megapost] Te consideras gamer? Entrá papu.

[Megapost] Te consideras gamer? Entrá papu.

This image just reminds me of why I want to become a video game designer. Animator (anime of course) or game designer?

Darth Vader - Star Wars Identities

Another awesome STAR WARS Identities poster featuring Darth Vader (be sure to zoom in). Love the use of the Death Star and Star Destroyers. Poster by Gaetan Namouric, via Behance

Puede ser una buena idea, pero de nada sirve si no la concretas! Star Wars Death Star Wall Mural by Packmania.

Star Wars Death Star II - Giant Fathead Wall Graphic Thanks Elizabeth Long for…