Velvet has been a fiber that has come and gone in popularity.  Recently this fiber has come back into popularity, especially in separates.  It has been seen in shorts or often corset like tops that women tuck into high waisted shorts or skirts.  Velvet was once considered a royal and luxurious fiber, which has made in popular over the years when in comes in and out of fashion.  It has been seen all over the runway this year and also at stores like forever 21 and H  Jessica M.

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Spandex has been found in some of the biggest fashion trends lately. Jeggings (the super stretchy jeans that feel like leggings), yoga pants, and decorative leggings such as the ones pictured above are all popular items that include this fiber type. The fact that spandex is being more commonly found in pants, and even trying to be hidden in products such as jeggings, supports the dominating attitude that is going on where people are leaning more and more towards comfort day to day. Kaitlyn…

Discover this look wearing Spandex Chicwish Leggings - Galaxy Print Leggings in Blue by Chicwish

A trend that is being seen in many different tops, and sold in almost every store, is the sheer and sexy see-through look. These have been very popular because they are adaptable to different weather types and can be warn to both casual and dressy occasions. To be affordable to the larger majority of consumers, polyester is a popular type of fiber used in these tops, and bandeaus are commonly sold to be worn under them. Kaitlyn W.

No need to matchy-match---pair these gorgeous sheer tops with contrasting tanks underneath.

Faux fur has made an incredible re-entry into the fashion world lately. Seen mainly in jackets, scarves, vests and accessories, it is hard to be missed. Celebrities such as Ke$ha and the Kardashians are big influences on bringing this trend back to mainstream. Fur has always resembled a very elegant and glamorous lifestyle, seen mainly in coats for older aged women. However, it now has a fun, young, wild and diva twist to it that has made it popular in young women. Kaitlyn W.

Be winter perfect in boldly silhouetted draping blazers, signature fur vests and sweetly demure jackets.

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