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two pieces of fabric sitting on top of each other in different colors and patterns,
Seminole and Scraps
....Nasty bugs have stopped play this last week... again. One of the casualties was a weekend retreat, which unfortunately I had to cancel.S...
a multicolored patchwork quilt on a wooden deck
English Paper Pieced Hexagon Quilt
English Paper Pieced Hexagon Quilt
a quilt made with hexagons and flowers on a wooden floor in front of a
the book is about free patterns and how to use them
Tales of Cloth | Shop English Paper Pieces | Paper Piecing Quilt Kits
the ice cream soda english paper piecing quilt pattern is shown in four different colors
English Paper Piecing Patterns - The Little Mushroom Cap: A Quilting Blog
two book covers with different patterns and colors on the cover, next to each other
TheDIYAddict - The Colorful Quilt Kit Shop
a pair of shoes sitting on top of a wooden floor next to colorful pieces of fabric
Inspired by @cynthiafrenette Christmas quilt wip - I'm making a rainbowy pillow
different quilts with text overlaying the top and bottom that says,'epp mischef english paper piecing quilt
English Paper Piecing Patterns - The Little Mushroom Cap: A Quilting Blog
an origami piece is laying on the table next to some scissors and other crafting supplies
an origami star made out of different colored fabrics on a wooden table top
English paper piecing quilt progress. Diamonds with Bonnie and Camille's Hello Darling fabric line by Moda. All hand-sewn. The grey areas will be Kona Cotton Coal and there will be more paper piecing as well.
a black and white quilt with multicolored triangles on it in front of a wooden bench
CLOSEOUT - August Stars quilt pattern from Jaybird Quilts
many colorful origami butterflies on a white surface
EPP.101 - Planning and Stitching — Tales of Cloth | English Paper Pieces