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sweet bunnies

so cute it took me forever to figure out which picture to pin! little naptime bunnies diy

Crochet cat toys

musingsofrationality: “ Fish Bone Skeleton Crochet Pattern (by stripeyblue) These are the most adorable crochet things I’ve ever seen… but then I went onto her etsy page. I think my little heart just imploded upon itself in joy. PDF files of crochet.

KIRA made by lilofil

KIRA made by lilofil. So cute but, this isn't a free pattern, sorry

Crochet Smurfs

You will love these super cute Crochet Smurf Doll Ideas and we have a video tutorial to show you how. Check out all the great ideas now.

Lucille the Pocket Bug - Free Crochet Pattern

Lucille is a busy little bug that loves to travel in pockets :) There are 2 version of Lucille - the pocket bug and bumblebee, both included in the pattern.