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Sebastião Salgado :: Himba woman in Orutanda, in a group composed of almost exclusively women, the men had gone far with the cattle herd in search of water and pasture. Namibia, 2005 Plus

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Un bacio ancora - Gianfranco Meloni "When I grow too old to dream I'll have you to remember. When I grow too old to dream your love will live in my heart.

Sebastiao Salgado photography

Sebastiao Salgado photography -- For so many people the only homelike warmth is charity blanket.

Sebastiao Salgado photography

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Amazing photo by Sebastião Salgado. Never had anyone's photos elicited such an emotional response from me. How humbling and eye opening his work is.

Sebastiao Salgado

Woman escaping the drought in the Sahel region of Africa. Powerful photo by Sebastiao Salgado

Children's wasd in Korem refugee camp Ethiopia.

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