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a white table and chairs in a room with paintings on the wall
Inside Nathan Litera’s Transformation of a 300-Year-Old Belgian Château - Galerie
the side of a building with multiple windows
Liminal Architecture and WOHA incorporate historic buildings into new theatre in Tasmania
a colorful building with an arch in the middle
eltono: the french artist who painted the lopes' family home on cape verde
a modern kitchen with stainless steel countertops and white cabinetry, along with an island in the middle
Gallery of Flat IO / alanprekop - 19
a room with tables, chairs and pictures on the wall behind them in an office
Charlotte Perriand, en la Fundación Louis Vuitton. -
the interior of an office building is made out of wood and has wavy lines on it
Office_Assemble Studio_Ceiling Design!
an article about clothes hanging on the wall
Studio Berg Designed A Drying Rack That Doubles As Wall Art - IGNANT
Studio Berg designed a drying rack that doubles as wall art. More on
an open door leading to a bathroom with wooden shelves and shelving units on the wall
27 tolle Designer-Ideen für die moderne Wohnungsgestaltung
a living room filled with furniture next to a swimming pool
27 tolle Designer-Ideen für die moderne Wohnungsgestaltung
a man is walking up some stairs made out of wooden planks and plywood
Paratelier build interior for a house from the wood it was cast inside
Paratelier’s concrete house in Portugal was cast using wooden panels—93% of which were then used to build its interior.
an image of a staircase in the middle of a room with wood floors and stone walls
Gallery of JA House / Maria Ines Costa + Filipe Pina - 4
JA House / Filipi Pina + Maria Ines Costa
the shelves are made of wood and metal
House and photography studio by Olson Kundig with pivoting steel doors
Pivoting steel doors lead into Studio Sitges, a house and photography studio in Spain by Olson Kundig
a white room with chairs and a table in the center, next to an open door
El refugio minimalista de S28 Arquitectura en Casa Decor Madrid 2011
a stone and wood staircase in a house