Torre Eiffel

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Paris, França

3 Excellent Family Trips In Paris

I dream of travel. I dream of traveling back to Paris and exploring France even deeper by studying abroad in France travel destinations


3 Excellent Family Trips In Paris

Again, with my trip to Europe, I had the privilege of seeing the Eiffel Tower in person. The beauty and enormousness from it can't be shown in pictures. The trip still reminds me of the incredible beauty throughout the world.

A Torre Eiffel foi inaugurada no dia 31 de março de 1889, sendo a maior construção humana do mundo na época, com 324 metros de altura e peso superior a 10 mil toneladas. O título de estrutura mais alta do mundo só foi perdido pela torre 41 anos depois, quando foi inaugurado, em Nova York, o arranha-ceu Chrysler Building.

Torre Eiffel: Símbolo de Paris e da França

Picture of Spring morning with Eiffel Tower, Paris, France stock photo, images and stock photography.

Paris at night

Image viaEiffel Tower I want to visit Paris eventually then i can scratch that off my bucket list.Eiffel Tower at night.where I lost partner one night.

Razão de viver....

14 Juillet 2014 Feux d'artifice Paris Tour Eiffel I was up at the front of the Eiffel Tower for the fireworks, it looks like such a small show from this distance when up close it was the most amazing show I have ever seen.

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