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je ne suis pas intéressante?

So many of the INTJ things on here describe me perfectly. so either INTPs and INTJs have a lot in common, my type is actually INTJ, or someone is getting types mixed up in the pictures.

INTJ problem 0010. and they re so pissed off cuz you seem unphazed by their truly irrational loud rage

INTJ problem and they re so pissed off cuz you seem unphased by their truly irrational loud rage

I do this all the time. My family and friends have just accepted it as my quirk.

I have a 2 hour people limit once a week. Anything more than that, I start to have very unpleasant thoughts -- from pushing people out of my way to downright stabbing them with a pen.

I'm A Popular Loner -

I'm A Popular Loner -


INTJ problems- Simultaneously thinking you are better than everyone but never feeling that you are good enough. - I thought that was an INFJ trait.

N and F, this is so true, particularly right now

Primarily a young, turbulent INTJ but we've all been here, some are still stuck. Being INTJ isn't for the average person.

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I can attest with personal knowledge that is this exactly how counseling works with INTJs personalities)