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Reciclagem e Sucata

This looks like a fun group project and after Earth Day kids could make sure all the plastic is recycled

mudando emocões

Rosto de papelão para trabalhar emoções na Educação Infantil

cute card


mmmcrafts: make a Puppy Ears card (Craft Camp) Must do with son; he loves making Pop-Up-Cards right now

2015-05-018.jpg (640×400)

This weekend, get crafty with your kids! Create fun folded paper figures with this neat origami faces project.

Paper ThingsThree Flying Angels by LorenzKraft on Etsy

Paper ThingsThree Flying Angels by LorenzKraft on Etsy

Fios aparentes na decoração - Sala de Estar

Tendência na Decoração: Fios aparentes nas paredes e no chão

follow-the-colours-fios-aparentes-decoracao-masako-sato-clipping.jpg (620×620)

Place the stickers on cable fixings or a cable on the wall, and the creeping cord will become friendly. wall decoration stickers material: polyvinyl chloride film size: x content: 4 leaves x 3 sheets *The price does not include customs and duty.

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