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Husky Shota - anime Neko guy

I want this to be Ryul so baaaadllyyyyy. Like one summer when he's five his hair turned brown and as winter started coming, his hair slowly turned white on him.

eaí galera o/  eu gosto de desenhar.. (não que eu desenhe muito bem..) e como disse na minha apresentação, quero ser mangaká... eu até que.....

I love this picture, I have a version where I recolored his hair to white and gave him green eyes, I will see about putting it up some time.

Seems the king of death can't keep a queen MWAHAHAHA *ahem* bad joke bad joke

black gloves choker closed eyes copyright request crown dress earrings eyes closed gloves highres jewelry k-xaby necklace pointy ears red dress ring scythe short hair skeleton

Kuro & Shiro - Tokyo Ghoul

Anime picture tokyo ghoul studio pierrot yasuhisa kurona yasuhisa nashiro yuiko long hair looking at viewer highres blue eyes black hair red eyes smile fringe multiple girls silver hair hair flower lips from above shadow portrait 445128 en