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Hobonichi, sounds fun i wld like to do something like this, drawing my daily life style.

Olha isso! Uma gracinha! Quem não queria ter um desse?

Planner Ideas & Accessories ❤ hello my memetacular friends! y'all are some of my favourite people ever, and i was wondering if you could (please) comment things i can write on my binder/notebook! tysm i love you ALL - jelly xx

Inove com o scrapbook Recados em envelopinhos

Inove com o scrapbook

I love this idea. An envelope guest book. You just take a store-bought scrapbook/album and glue envelopes into it. Lay out colored pieces of paper for guests to jot notes down on, and then they can place them in the envelopes.

pastel paperplane: This is how I use my pink Filofax Domino for my photography stuff