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visioluxus: “The Heavenly Host Model: rhienium Muah: thebirdbones AMAZING mask: phillipvaldez Gorgeous bustle coat: kambriel This mask is one I’ve been badgering my husband about making for a while now. His work will be on exhibit in the Netherlands.

Africa | Man with traditional facial scarification. West Africa, ca 1941 | ©John Atherton

African tribal tattoos Techniques with symbols and portrait. Discover the African tribal tattoos Techniques with symbols and life oriented patterns of body art.

the Dogon tribe of Mali, Africa possess galactic knowledge brought by their “gods” in the ancient past. To the surprise of western civilization anthropologists, they knew the star Sirius A had a companion star (Sirius B), how heavy those celestial bodies were, and their orbital cycles precisely - obviously they have some very important ancient knowledge

Dogon Mask, Africa : "This 'elephant-mask' with its long hood nose and large ears and decorated with multicoloured beads, is characteristic of the Bamileke secret society in West Cameroon, to whom it is unique.

Jogo do galo

Outdoor Tic-Tac-Toe This is one of my favorite spring projects! It’s the time of year when you just can’t get enough of the outdoors. I love the idea of constructing your own tic-tac-toe board in a fun outdoorsy theme;

how to make your own robot

Today I have a fabulous fun little Mini Robot craft for you! It is absolutely riveting and both my little ones love the final result, as well as the tweens next door. I think this really is something for all age groups! A few weeks ago, Em from Unruly Med