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two pieces of cloth on top of each other
Ruffle Edge Fabric Napkins (x 4)
four napkins laid out on top of each other with different designs and colors in them
Cotton Block Print Napkins Set of Four • 09
four towels with embroidered animals on them sitting on top of each other in white linens
Anthropologie Stitched Dachshund Napkin Set
four embroidered napkins with animals on them
34 Stunning Napkins to Set Out for Supper
three zebras with balloons on white linen napkins
Set of 4 Embroidered "Party Zebra" Fold-over Cocktail Napkins
four linen napkins with embroidered flowers on them
Hand-embroidered Tea Towels
three different colored napkins with flowers on them
four linen napkins with embroidered snowflakes on them sitting on a wooden table
Ода льну, или Использование прекрасной натуральной ткани в интерьере: Идеи и вдохновение в журнале Ярмарки Мастеров