London townhouse - beyond beautiful with those French doors and terrace in one of my favorite places on earth!----not overly fond of modern architecture, especially in Britain, but this is beautiful!

Inspiração para o apê - Tudo Orna 4 : via Tudo Orna | Três irmãs curitibanas

Lindo apê industrial com apenas 45m ²

Incorporating exposed brick walls into any interior design scheme requires a sensitive taste to natural elements and how they effect the décor of a home’s interior.

Apartamento pequeno 60 m² Díptico (Foto: divulgação)

60 m² repletos de conforto e estilo


Toro Canyon Getaway Home in Santa Barbara

Image 15 of 20 from gallery of Toro Canyon House / Bestor Architecture. Photograph by Laure Joliet