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Residencia DF is located in São Paulo, Brazil and was designed by Pupo Gaspar Arquitetura. The home is all warm elegance, with rich woods and earthy colors all around. Photos courtesy of Pupo Gaspar Arquitetura Share your Thoughts

Uma fachada cinza - Casa e Decoração

Car port darker grey and then cover the brick with teak. Or put door teAk and the floor teAk wood tile color to match fence

Decor Salteado - Blog de Decoração | Design | Arquitetura | Paisagismo: Fachadas de Casas Modernas – Casas sem telhado

KSK luxury// Stelio's Karalis// The new Luxury concept: expensive cars, expensive stuff and small minimalist house// fachada-bonita.

Fachadas de Casas de Campo Maravilhosas!!!

Fachadas de Casas de Campo Maravilhosas!!!

Casa Clean, Modern Pools, Garden, Some Times, Cabana, Bungalow, Future House, Outdoor Living, Living Spaces


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