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a white dog laying on top of a rock near the ocean
Looks just like our Sammie. They all have the same samoyed smile. Best dogs EVER :) hkw
a white dog standing on top of a rock
Beautiful Samoyed- apparently ppl say Samoyeds as the "dogs with Christmas in their eyes" so true
a white dog sitting in the snow on top of a pile of snow covered ground
Pretty Samoyed
a group of white dogs walking down a sidewalk next to a brick wall and cars
Samoyeds--maybe, we can hitch a ride. Maybe, we will just walk. We can get into…
a white dog running in the grass with it's mouth open and tongue out
L'univers de Vanille - Page 6
two large white dogs laying on top of a green grass covered field next to each other
a woman holding a large white dog in her arms
人人 - 加入人人,找到老同学,结识新朋友
Samoyed!! Scout is 1/2 Pyrenees and 1/2 Samoyed. They call Samoyeds "the dogs with Christmas in their eyes." I have always loved that.
a fluffy white dog wearing a neck tie
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You won't be strong enough to resist them. So give up and... embrace it at
a small white dog sitting in a bath tub
a white dog sitting in the bow of a boat on a lake with trees in the background
Samoyed Dog Looking at the River | Dog Pictures, Photos & Images from
Samoyed Looking at the River
two white dogs sitting on top of a dirt field next to a person wearing pink shoes
Samoyed Paws Up