Ib by ameriya.deviantart.com on @deviantART - gonna have to look into this game, have only read good things about it

IB is an RPG engine horror game, that features a girl named IB going to an art museum

Mary by ameriya on deviantART

it has been so long since the last time i posted some of ib fan art ~ fan art of Mary ~ ib The Game

Adeus Ib

Ib the tears, not sure if I would have wanted an ending where Ib sacrificed herself and pushed Mary and Garry into the painting.

Mary and Ib

Mary and Ib a little exaggerated but you gotta love the softness of it all

Ib e Garry saiem do mundo fabricado e vão para o real.–Ib, você se lembra de mim?: Pergunta Garry–Ah, Garry. Como não lembraria?: Diz Ib abraçando ele.–IB PARE COM ISSO!: Diz o garoto parando o abraço.–Não faça mais isso, não há motivo nenhum para isso! Então não me abraçe.–Mas Garry, eu amo você. Não me trata assim, eu não fiz...

Ib - Ib and Garry are so cute together! as brother and sister relationship ib is a bit young for garry in my opinion just look at the height difference.

Ib - Gary

blue eyes blue rose collarbone flower garry (ib) hair flower hair ornament hair over one eye ib looking away male focus open mouth parted lips purple eyes purple hair rose ruco short hair solo thorn thorns - Image View -

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