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Anderson Becker
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30 Seattle Skyline Tattoo Designs For Men

Discover the coffee-fueled birthplace of grunge with the top 30 best Seattle skyline tattoo designs for men. Explore cool city and downtown ink ideas.

My first tattoo. The solar system on my inner forearm (no pluto)

Tagged with , , Creativity, ; Shared by geruvah. First Tattoo! Solar System (sans Pluto) by Balazs Bercsenyi at Bang Bang, NYC

mapa mundi tatuagem

This makes a true Atlas over a map. I would put this tattoo on my foot (if it was smaller) World Map Tattoo by Raice Wong:(Vegan Tattoo)

Realistic Lion Tattoo On Forearm

When you say lion, the first thing that comes to ones head is royalty and confidence,isn't it ? The image of a lion represents supremacy, power and ferociousness. Lion, the King of Beasts is one… tatuajes Spanish tatuajes tatuajes para mujeres tat