Semi Truck Rollover / Multi Car Crash

Fatality accident when a semi truck went into oncoming traffic, rolled over and crashed into several vehicles. I've seen a lot of semi truck wrecks but .

How to back a trailer successfully Pt1

A quick vid of backing in a truck stop by Bo Shifter

Welcome to Walmart Land  |  Allie Knight

We pass thru Bentonville, Arkansas on our way to delivery with our current load. Welcome to Walmart land!

Don't Hit That Post!  |  Allie Knight

There's a lot of crazy turns and obnoxious posts, though.

Lady Truckers - Into The Lightning

Severe Weather Season is upon us and trust me this Lady Trucker will be pulling a movie Twister on her days off. So looking forward to storm spotter training.

Oversized and Overwhelmed 05-14-15

Oversized and Overwhelmed

How to double clutch up/downshift

I explain how to up and downshift a 10 speed, due to the area i was in, i was only able to do 5 gears.

Trucking at the Foggy Mill

Traveling the United States in a SEMI TRUCK is a fantastic career and a great way to see things you wouldn't see otherwise.

This Rollercoaster In Nevada | Allie Knight

No no, we don't go for a rollercoaster ride. Unless you mean the rollercoaster of life!

Lemons, Lemonade, Something Something | Allie Knight

Lemons, Lemonade, Something Something