Sasuke - Naruto The Last

Sasuke - Naruto The Last this is a good driving and wow I'm bad at spelling

Eyes naruto

Naruto characters eyes by *tattoo-love-forever on deviantART

Where's My Shirt? by JainaNaberrie

Couldn't sleep, got up at 2 A. and drew this, couldn't sleep after either. Itachi Uchiha © Masashi Kishimoto Where's My Shirt?

Наруто Узумаки Naruto Сакура Харуно Dasha Volly ∆elta

Наруто Узумаки Naruto Сакура Харуно Dasha Volly ∆elta

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Uzumaki Boruto✌ I enjoy drawing this one today! Tell me what do you think Give me holidays pleaseee *All done in pencil.

Resultado de imagen para @arteyata

Uchiha Obito I know he had the rinnegan in his left eye but I just wanted to make him a normal one - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

First Hokage: Hashirama Senju - Second Hokage: Tobirama Senju - Third Hokage: Hiruzen Sarutobi - Fourth Hokage: Minato Namikaze

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