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four boxes with different labels on them sitting side by side in front of each other
an open bottle of skin rejuicing next to a cardboard box with the label on it
the children's art print box is pink and blue
Behance :: 为您呈现
six different colored boxes are arranged on a blue surface with the words sale spelled out
SAPE - Estúdio Barca
SAPE - Estúdio Barca
three boxes with yellow and blue designs are flying in the air next to each other
Aperol Spiritz Foto Zone (CGI)
Aperol Spiritz Foto Zone (CGI) :: Behance
three children's books and toys on a table
Children 48 4 Types Of Children's Educational Fruit, Traffic Animal Cognitive Puzzles, Wooden Matching Puzzles, Suitable For Gifts
Faster shipping. Better service
three different colored boxes are flying in the air with one box open and another closed
Playtime Coffee
the four boxes have different items in them
Herman Miller – Formwork, 2014 (Packaging) | Graphic Thought Facility
Graphic Thought Facility
two boxes of chakaouu sitting next to each other
CHAXIAOLIU - Tea Packaging Design
Runner-up design by Nick-TheVisualSmith Health Products Packaging, Medical Packaging, Medicine Packaging, Drug Packaging, Product Packaging, Cbd Oil, Medical Marijuana
Design a medical retail packaging for a cbd oil/medical marijuana company | Product packaging contest
Runner-up design by Nick-TheVisualSmith