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through the woods, in rain or sprinkling lightly..  the fragrance of the woodland plants, moss, and ferns..  cool and moist air, intricate patterns of the forest all around me.

Photographer Julian Calverley is putting all us mortal iPhone users to shame with his latest collection of snapshots and we just had to share. A landscape and advertising photographer, Calverley makes.

An old Louisianan home. The detail involve outside is wonderful... I want to know what the inside looks like!

The Louisiana swamp home Looks like it was beautiful! I wish I could save houses like this. Today's homes are built like cracker boxes. Cheap crap thrown together like its a disposable home. We need homes like this beauty saved!

Mississippi swamp. #swamp #thesouth

The search dogs barked on the day they laid Her first love in the ground

The bayou

All of the algae in the water. ewwwww But this be fitting for a potential swamp level if Narrative Team decides to make design one.