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a drawing of a lion with its eyes closed
there is a wall decoration made out of black circles on the side of a white wall
Awesome Toilet Paper Art Crafts - Modern Day Moms
Enfeite de Rolo de Papel Higiênico
there is a gold glitter bow on the table
my fave: DIY glitter frames
I could $ store and thrift shop frames in different styles and glitter blast in gold silver and white for the pictures/fun facts
there are pictures and frames on the table with pearls around them, along with other items
Porta retrato de casamento - faça o seu em casa - Revista Artesanato
an open box with some items in it on a shelf next to a wall mounted clock
1930's House Creations Part 3, Drawers
a shelf with bottles and other items on it against a pink wall in a room
several rolls of toilet paper are stacked on a shelf next to a vase with an orange flower
Decoração da Casa com Caixotes de madeira
X - Dicas Para Decoração de Casas e Apartamentos: Decoração da Casa com Caixotes de madeira
an empty room with white walls and flooring is shown in this image, there are several shelves on the wall
Consolas de Entrada| Moveistore | Procure móveis para o Hall 404 O produto solicitado não existe.
Consolas de Entrada : Consola Juliette
a living room filled with furniture and lots of mirrors
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Espejos Circulares
a living room filled with lots of yellow and white frames on the wall next to a couch
Molduras vazias compõe a decoração. E o amarelo e cinza é só amor <3 #decorarepreciso #decoracao #amareloecinza
a living room with pictures on the wall and furniture in front of it, including a couch
5 ideias DIY/ Faça você mesmo enfeites para decorar paredes vazias e sem graça - Arrumadíssimo
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