Floral Candles

The Floralia Enchanted Witchery candle is one to use in all Sacred Fertility Rites to bring forth New Abundant Change. A selected choice for Abundance in life, New Growth, Heightened Sexual Energies, Sex Magick, & The Sacred Ritual Rites of Beltane.

I love these candles

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Faerie Muse Herbal Alchemy Magick Candle, This enchanting candle was created with the aid of the ancients and charged with intent to bring the power of faerie sight and nature spirits into your workings

Chunk Candles

melt wax, pour onto cookie sheet, while still warm, cut into chunks. Place chunks inside candle form, add melted wax to adhere chunks together.

How To Make Candles

"Each life is like a flame, and you know how easily a candle can be extinguished. You also know how wonderfully one candle can light up the darkness. Be such a candle. Make a difference.

henna candle

Hot Stuff: Playing with fire - or, rather, henna candles

Candles made with henna designs for a Hot Stuff story. By Ravie Kattaura of Fremont. Jim Merithew/The Chronicle Photo: Jim Merithew

cool candle

Often Copied Never Equalled The Original Unique Handmade Candle That Set New Design Standards.

Heart carved candle

How amazing would one of these be as a unity candle. I want a carved candle, SOOOOOO AWESOME

Carved Candles

'Doobie's Carved Candles' by Janie. Doobies Carved Candles are absolutely incredible with their unique complexity and I fell totally and utterly in love with their concept and design Location: Indoor Markets Orange Grove T/v AV