I think real rainbows are beautiful and wondrous. I think obvious fakes are ridiculous and stupid.

Rainbow Beautiful Double Rainbows Rainbow ending in Tramp Harbor in the Puget Sound near West Seattle, WA Primavera

Lanikai Sunrise - Epic sunrise in Kailua at the famous Lanikai Beach at 11mm

luxuriousimpressions: “ Lanikai Sunrise By Shane Myers Epic sunrise in Kailua at the famous Lanikai Beach ”

❣ Alagoas, Maceió - Brazil.

Which Island Paradise Is Right For You?

Palm Trees - Growing up in CA they were everywhere when we went to the beach. My favorite beach Santa Barbara has palm trees aligning the main road next to the sand. I love palms!

Seaside just beyond where I live beautiful beaches and homes an awesome community where the Truman show was filmed.

She sells sea shells - a lovely blue color palette from Yarn Love. This palette became my Dragonfly colorway - find it at Yarn Love.

Absorb the energy coming from the Devine creation, even if you stand alone.

Today’s self-empowering communication to positively affect yourself: Repeat with me: I AM SUCCESS EVERY MOMENT! “I am awesome enough to succeed with purpose doing what brings forth my joy, and not …

orchidaaorchid: Sunrise at the Outer Banks of North Carolina, USA

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