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a heart shaped glass with flowers in it next to a card that says, bom dia
a baby wearing a hoodie sitting on top of a couch
Oiii...Seu LINDO..você Já TÁ por AÍ ? TÔ com SAUDADES..!
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Doce encanto
a pink rose sitting on top of a person's hand with spanish words below it
jesus holding his hands up in the air with words above him that read,'borndia
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Bom dia
a blue and white statue with flowers in front of it that says,'que nosa sehora aparecidia conceda la voceda
three pink and one red roses are in a vase with green leaves on the outside
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a poem written in spanish with flowers and butterflies on the bottom right hand corner, which reads'o seu bomb di muda dia de algem '
a card with hearts hanging from it's sides and the words bonn du
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Dia abençoado à todos...!!! #bomdia #quartafeira #benção #deusnocomando #amor #paz #fé #esper - vidaparainspirar
a baby with a red bow on her head smiles at the camera while sitting in front of a black background
some pink flowers and green leaves on a white background with the words in spanish above it