a familia flash correndo ta bom que nao sao realmente uma familia mas se sao flash sao uma familia

The Flash Family ---- OMG I love this picture! It has everyone from the CW TV show The Flash to Smallville to the cartoon! - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Será que o carregador do meu celular recarrega o cabeça de chaleira! L.L. :D :D

FEATURE: 10 Of The Best Comic Book Covers From MARVEL's October 2014 Solicitations. I so want the Marvel Anniversary! Bruce Timm is doing a Captain America comic!

Olhe no meu olho mais não me encare

flamma-man: “wearewakanda: “ Check out all the details in this high-res photo of Black Panther from EW’s ‘Captain America: Civil War’ issue! What do you think of the costume?

"Ao longo dos muros da morte Corre a menina com o arco O vento agita-lhe a saia florida  E a terra negra nem lhe imprime o rastro " #MarioQuintana #quintana

bedtime story: “When do you know it’s over?” He asked quietly. “When someone stops trying,” she answered. “Or worse, when trying no longer works.” —Sue Zhao artist yet unknown