01_Camiseta basica em look para o trabalho_maxi colar_saia em A_look elegante e moderno_moda para o trabalho

We give here many images of bold accessories that women must try in a lifetime to not only give you an idea of what they are but also to show you how they can look. Do let us know which accessories worked for you.

Como combinar azul - Moda & Style

what makes a midi skirt irresistible? - red reticule A full, pleated midi skirt gives you a beautiful silhouette with that magical, retro glam vibe. If the skirt is textured or printed, there is not m

Saia-Gode-Bella-Fiorella Mais

They are wonderfully paired together! The shoes compliment the skirt very nicely!

Perfeita :)

Betsy: women& knit fully lined navy blue high waist A-line skirt with floral print overlay available in M-XL

Saia azul e rosa

I like how buttoned up yet undone she looks. Care free hair and a very natural makeup Floral Skirt Feminine Style by Daisyline

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