Idea muy creativa y económica

Faux brick walls or chimney - detailed tutorial - dollhouse miniature

Lembrancinha de páscoa reciclada | super cute!!!

While many of us still have CDs remaining in our music collections, most people end up throwing them out if they're scratched. Here are 16 CD craft ideas.

Tutorial para hacer alas de hada

tutorials for making fairy wings. I like this technique, for another texture to my sculptures

Esta cuestión es imposible, pero bueh...tal vez algún día sea de ayuda

DIY Faerie Wings from Wire Hangers, Panty Hose, and Paint Fairy wings from tights - perfect for cosplay / LRPing


Dragon fly or fairy wings- these would look great on a beaded dragonfly! Looks like she used wire to shape wings, liquid polymer clay to fill wing area, then added pearl minerals.

Hinges inspiration for the fairy doors

A set of nine Door hinge plate patterns created in Rhinoceros CAD software. These Door hinge plate patterns come from the old public domain catalog.

construcción de palos de helado muy creativa

Gazebo made from Popsicle sticks. Made at New Castle Correctional Facility in Indiana.