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the crucifix appears to be painted in black and white with gold accents
a black and white drawing of a sheep with spanish writing on it's side
Conheça Sua Bíblia 2024
(VÍDEO) Conheça sua bíblia de capa a capa através de aulas online com um professor a suadisposição. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Versículos, palavra de deus, #bíblia, bíbliasagrada, bíblia online, bíblia estudo, #bíblia_estudo , bíblia católica, bíblia evangélica, bíblia sagrada de estudo, bíblia , jesus cristo pentecostal #estudobíblico #Deus #Fé #versículos frases religiosas #jesuscristo #frasesbiblia #frases_biblia
a drawing of a hand reaching out to the sky with a rainbow colored cloud above it
Conheça sua Bíblia de capa a capa
a painting with colorful circles on it and a person riding a bike in the background
a painting of a man flying through the air with a fish on it's back
a drawing of a woman with flowers in her lap
a drawing of a person standing on top of a red ball in the water with a heart
Matenha-se firme na fé
a drawing of a person balancing rocks on top of each other
a drawing of a heart sitting on top of a piano
Entre linhas ..
an abstract painting with wavy lines and a bottle in the foreground that has a small figure on top of it
a painting with a person sitting on top of a boat in the water
herois Jesus I Need You, Jesus Girl, Jesus Lives, Jesus Is Life, Quotes About God
a black and white drawing of a hand holding a rolled up piece of paper with an apple in it
A herança de Deus é a gratidão.👏
a drawing of a person's hand reaching for a rainbow cloud
Venha agir com o Teu sobrenatural Senhor!!
two people holding hands with balloons attached to them
Foto do Instagram de Felipe Guga • 10 de outubro de 2015 às 22:34