Identidad y packaging

Baker's Bakery identity is basic, bold, simplistic and uses shape to create a rustic, b&w, versatile logo!

Packaging para los productos de Le Blé, clásico y elegante.

French Bakery Le Blé by Yani Arabena & Guille Vizzari have you had breakfast yet yummy packaging PD

Regalo de Decor arte de pizarra de cocina cocina por LilyandVal

Life just wouldn't be the same without cupcakes, cookies and all the chocolates! This design is for those who keep our sweet tooths satisfied and our hearts fu

galletas regalo

Las 21 formas más geniales de regalar galletas

Printable Cookie Gift Bag: Help yourself. Have a cookie! There’s something extra snackable about a cookie in a sack that literally invites munching. (via Spoon Fork Bacon)