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37 Tatuagens nos pés

This is symmetrically spaced bat tattoo. Right foot bats has no fill only outlines and left foot has full filled black bats. Bat tattoo has many meanings and one of them is that bat is a symbol of communication because they're highly social creatures.

Tatuagens nos Braços (40 braços tatuados)

If I get a flower tattoo, I want the petals to be delicate like the ones on her upper arm. Love the softness of that look. Sexy and beautiful and classic. Also, I want a facial dermal

30 Tatuagens que simbolizam a amizade

Those magnificent and matching Best Friend Tattoo Designs can speak volume; it has and it will always be a great symbol of friendship and bond. Best friend tattoo designs do not necessarily have to be conceptual.

mickey e minnie *-*

So lovely and sweet tattoo. Mickey and Minnie always happy together also on the legs!