da moon.

Epic photography idea - great for a setting sun or full moon. blood moons would also be awesome!

When I express my emotions. And there are oh so many. I feel it physically & I feel it mentally when there are things  I feel I should have said in any given moment. It takes awhile, I used to write it all out but now I'm growing more & more into using my words. Flowing into a 'say it all out' gal, cards on the table, heart on my sleeve.

photo - Oh Shit! She’s Pissed ! dammmmmmm i Wanna "bbdkjbcdkdbv"youre face ! You know i can shut up my mouth but noww ___ boum ___


In the picture shown this daddy is seeing his daughter for the first time. God bless all of those serving in the military.seriously tear so precious!

Buon pomeriggio a tutti!! Si torna un po’ a pubblicare oggi con un nuovo articolo sull’andamento del cielo che è su ogni testa della Terra. Oggi 14 Novembre 2016, dopo ben 68 anni. 68 A…

La super luna dopo 68 anni 14 Novembre 2016

How CUTE is THIS?! :o  #Aaaaawwww ^^

Inspiring picture baby, mickey mouse, how sweet~~~~. Resolution: Find the picture to your taste!